Typ-Cable with Screw Type-C 1xScrew-m both Ends USB3.2 10Gbit 60W max 1.000mm

Partnumber: TCC294-xxxxx
USB-Type-Extension with 1 Screw for TCC292
Connector 1: Type-C 1xScrew-m
Connector 2: Type-C 1xScrew-m
Standard: USB3.2 10Gbit
Electrical Characteristik: USB3.2 10Gbit - 4K/60Hz - 3A/20V/60W
Length: max 1.000mm
Max. Current 3A/20V/60W
Customization possible:
USB Type-C Cable for Audio- and Video Aplications
Male connector with one screw according to USB Specification
Custom Lenght
Datarate: 10Gbit/sec
- USB2.0 - yes
- USB3.1 10Gbit - yes
- USB3.2 10Gbit - yes
- Displayport Alt Mode 4K/60Hz
- Fast Charging - yes
- E-Mark Option: yes
- Flameability UL94-V0
- Certifications: UL+ISO9001+14001+IATF16949
- Customisation possible