Custom tailored FFC - Flexible Flat Cable - fulfill your Need
All our FFC are manufactured according to a drawing. Doing it this way, you will always receive the same material and properties.

You can choose FFC with theese characteristics:

  • FFC with custom length, folding properties according to a drawing.
  • FFC with UL-File No.
  • FFC with improved EMI character
  • FFC with controlled impedance
  • FFC for automotive applications; quality according to VDA 6.3 and cleanliness following VDA 19.2

We have solutions for:
  • Shielded FFC for improved EMI character
  • LVDS-FFC with a controlled impedance of 100 Ohm
  • High-Speed FFC for datarates up to 10 Gbit/sec
  • RGB-FFC with a single ended impedance of 50 Ohm
  • FFC for 125░C high temperature e.g. for drives or DC/DC-converter
  • FFC for a connection with hot bar soldering to reduce space
  • FFC with i-Lock for connector made by IRISO
  • FFC with sidecatcher for connector made by Hirose
  • FFC with punch for connector made by AVX, Molex, Tyco, etc.

We supply the best fitting solution following your demand.  Our strength are lot sizes > 1000 pieces. Try us.
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