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ElectronAix is your specialist for customer-specific cable assemblies, flat flex cables and connectors from Asia.

We provide individual solutions for electrical connections that fulfill highest demands. With qualified consulting, extensive documentation and certified quality we get your connection fit for serial production!

We care for your connection!

Your Benefits

  • pre-checked drawings
  • mass production 100% same as approved samples
  • UL-material + UL-production
  • detailed informations about raw material
  • raw material consignment
  • project management

Certified for customer´s needs

  • ISO9001
  • TS/IATF16949 VDA6.3
  • UL-production
  • ISO13485
  • TID
  • Apple

LVDS Cable

  • excellent crimps due to cross section reports
  • AWG32 to AWG28
  • orig HIR, JAE, MLX, FCI, etc.
  • shielded
  • wires or jacket cable
Custom tailored LVDS Cable, Custom tailored Display cable, Cables Assembly with JAE, Cable Assembly with Hirose
Custom tailored cable assemblies with M8, M12, Wire harness, cable Assembly with crimp style connector

Cable Assemblies for industrial use

  • Reliable crimps by cross section reports
  • Drag chain capable jacket cables
  • Overmould rated IP69K
  • EMI protection
  • Production friendly packing

USB Typ-C 3.1 + USB 3.0 + 2.0

  • custom cable + connections + connector
  • dragchain capable USB3.1 cable
  • UL- + TID-approved
  • up to 20Gbit/sec or Thunderbolt
  • Apple Lightning with PPID
Custom Tailored USB 3.1 Type-C, Type_C cable dragchain, custom tailored Apple PPID
FFC Cable, FFC Jumper, FFC 125°C, 125°C FFC, High Speed FFC, shielded FFC, FFC with emi Shield, Automotive FFC


  • 1000h/125°C
  • high speed up to 10gbit/sec.
  • automotive TS16949 + VDA6.3 + VDA 19.2
  • LVDS+shielded
  • standard, i-Lock, Sidecatcher, Au-plating

Micro Coax

  • jacket cable or wires AWG50 to AWG34
  • Micro Coax, Twin Coax, discrete wires
  • Mixed assembly, custom tailored connection
  • I-Pex Approved
Micro Coaxial Cable, Cable Assembly with I-PEX, Micro Coaxial with jacket cable
AOC active optical cable for USB HDMI and Displayport

AOC Active Optical Cable

  • USB 2.0 up to 100m
  • USB 3.1 up to 70m incl ALT Mode
  • USB 3.2 Up to 15m
  • HDMI 2.1 up to 300m
  • DP 2.0 up to 15m
magnet connector, cable Assembly with magnet connector

Magnet Connector

  • custom tailored overmolding
  • custom tailored cable assembly
  • auto "mate and lock"
  • first mate last break fuction
  • 10000 mating cycles
  • USB 2.0/3A
  • ISO13485

Overmolded Connector PVC + PUR

  • custom tailored...
  • ... jacket cable
  • ... connector
  • ... strain relief
  • .. cable exit
Cable Assemblies with overmolded connector, cables assemblies with overmoulded strain relief

Custom tailored connector

  • TS16949 / VDA6.3
  • MQS-, Nano MQS-, Piso MQS compatible
  • Project management
  • USB-Type_C with TID
  • up to IP69K
Custom tailored connector, MQS Custom tailored, Nano MQS custom tailored, pico MQS custom tailored

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