Drag Chain USB3.0 Cable USB-A-m to USB-Micro-B-Screw USB3.0 5Gbit 15W max. 3.000mm - custom tailored

Partnumber: TAM02-xxxxx-DS
Dragchain capable USB3.0 Cable
Connector 1: USB-A-m
Connector 2: USB-Micro-B-Screw
Standard: USB3.0
Electrical Characteristik: USB3.0 - - 3A/5V/15W
Length: max. 3.000mm - custom tailored
Other: Drag Chaincapable 3Mio Cycles R=30mm
Customization possible:
Typ-C Cable for Data,- Audio- and Videoapplications

Drag Chain Capability
- Radius 70mm
- Velocity 0.2m/sec.
- Speed 1m/sec.
- Cycles > 3.000.000

Custom length up to 1,850m
Supported Standards
Customisation possible