IPEX Cabline-CAF 20858 3437 20525 micro coaxial Cable Assembly IPEX approved

Partnumber: CCAF-xx
Micro-Coaxial-Assembly with I-PEX Cabline CAF 20858-0xxT-01 or 3437-0xx-01
Mating with: I-PEX 20525-#xxT
Pitch: 0,4mm
No. of Wires: 30 oder 40
Length: 30mm … >1000mm
Connection: 1:1, 1:n
Wires: FFC 10Gbit
Pitch: 0,4mm
Speed: 20Gbit/Sec.
Cable Length: Custom
Connection: 1:1 or 1:n
With FFC or FPC
Mating PCB Plug: Cabline-CA 20634
Quality Control: ISO9001/IATF16949/VDA