Shielded FFC Cable 0.5 mm for Standard ZIF Superflex tinned or Gold plated

Partnumber: FA05E-xx
Shielded FFC-Cable - Flexible Flat Cable - Jumper - with wrapped Al-foil, outside non conductive - Shield connected to wires
Shield: Al-Foil, 360° wrapped, outside non conductive
Mating with: Standard FFC/FPC Connector
FFC/FPC-connector Z51-, Z52-, Z53-, Z54-,Z55-, Z56-, Z953, Z954
IRSIO IMSA-9631S, IMSA-9642S, IMSA-9639S, IMSA-9637S, IMSA-9681S, IMSA-9690S

Pitch: 0,5mm
Number of conductors: 4-60
Length: 30mm to >1000mm
Type: Same side or opposite side
Customisation possible:
Wire Dimension
Custom length
Custom length of supporter
Option: print with black line on stiffener or ink jet print e.g. Display
Option: with folding
Option: cleanliness according to VDA
Production following ISO9001 or IATF16949 - VDA Audited Level VDA6.3