Shielded FFC-Cable 0.5 mm for I-Pex Evaflex 5-VS 20535 20720

Partnumber: FAVSE30P200-331133G
Shielded-FFC-Cable - Flexible Flat Cable - Jumper - with Puching for I-Pex Evaflex
For best EMI behaviour
Rated Temperature of FFC: 105°C
FAVS: FFC für Evaflex 5 - 20555-***E -85°C - horizontal/90°/liegend
FAVG: FFC für Evaflex 5-SE-GVT - 20799-xxxE-01 - 125°C - vertikal/180°/stehend
P/N tbd:FFC für Evaflex 5-HD - 20592-***E-02 -85°C - horizontal/90°/liegend
P/N tbd:FFC for Evaflex VS - 20535-***E-02 - 85°C - horizontal/90°
The GND-Foil is connected via separate GND-terminals of the connector
0.5mm Pitch, Au-plated contacts, 0-100 wires
Standard-Wiredimension (0,035x0,3)mm rated current 0,4A for other wires contact us
Contacts on same side or opposite side
Custom length 30mm bis >10000m
Custom length of supporter
Option: with UL-File No (E....)
Option: print with black line on stiffener or ink jet print e.g. Display
Option: with folding
Option: cleanliness according to VDA
Production following ISO9001 or IATF16949 - Auditlevel VDA6.3
Movie to show mechanism:

Please find all details in the download: