About us

What are the facts?
ElectronAix was founded in 2001 by Peter Stremmer. The idea: Connection solutions from Asia for products that meet the customer┤s special requirements. For our customers we find the technically and best-timed solution.
Who buys at ElectronAix?
ElectronAix supplies manufacturers of electric devices for industrial use, telecommunication, measurement technology and car manufacturer. Our customers develop and produce applications such as industrial controls, industrial computers, sensors, cash register systems, displays and many more. The typical bazch size is between 1.000 and 100.000 pieces per year.
Who are our partners and what are our standards?
We keep the close contact to our partners in China and Taiwan by regular personal visits. A colleague from Taiwan supports the realization of complex inquiries. 80% of all our products are produced in one of five production lines. This clear structures allows us to get in deep into all processes. Our partners produce according to ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 or UL. One of our main focus is on quality measurement. Following your requirements these measures contain very simple measures up to statistical process control with cross section report for crimped connections. We offer constant quality and execution of orders:
  • material exactly as specified in the drawing
  • test results as agreed on
  • after your approval all products will be produced in the exact same production line
The common success
In the meantime, we supplied our customers with thousands of solutions that applied their individual requirements and needs.
  • Why would a cooperation with ElectronAix help you reach your targets faster?
  • How do we explain criteria which is not communicated by the drawing?
  • What do we mean with "constant quality execution"?
  • How do we reduce your "Time to Market"
  • How can you save time and reduce costs with ElectronAix?
  • How do we offer a maximum in security of supply?
Please contact us. A phone call or personal conversation serves both sides to better understand needs and features.