Type-C-Cable Type-C 180° to Type-C 90° - USB 3.2 Gen1 - 5Gbit/sec - Alt Mode 4K/60Hz - 3A/20V/60W - E-Mark

Partnumber: TCC193-01500
Type-C Cable for Data,- Audio- and Videoapplications
USB Type-C-Cable Typ-C straight to Typ-C straight
Custom length up to 2,0m
Supported Standards
-USB3.1Gen1 + USB3.2Gen1 5Gbit/sec
-USB3.1Gen2 + USB3.2Gen2 10Gbit/sec
-USB4 20Gbit/sec
-Displayport Alt-Mode 8K/60Hz + 4K/100Hz
Fast Charging 5A/20V/1000W
E-Mark IC
Customisation possible