Antennacable with ultra small Connector MHF-4L Standard

Partnumber: 1300-450
Antennacable with ultra small Coax-Connector MHF-4L Standard
For WiFi or GSM Modules
Equivalent U.FL or UMCC
Cable lenth: Custom
Connector Height (1,2-2,0)mm
Up to 12GHz
Applicable Wire:
Coax, O.D. 1,37mm/AWG30
Coax, O.D. 1,13mm/AWG32
Coax, O.D. 0,95mm/AWG33
Coax, O.D. 0,81mm/AWG36
Coax, O.D. 0,64mm/AWG36
Impedance: 50Ohm
Cable - Plug Partnumber: 20632-001R-37 oder 20565-001R-13 or 20572-001R08 depending on wire and connector height
Mating PCB receptacle: 20579-001E
Production Location: depending on your export requirements: China, Taiwan or Vietnam
Quality Control:ISO9001/IATF16949/VDA