FFC pitch 0.5 mm IRISO Auto-i-Lock with GND, 100 Ohm Impedance
Partnumber: FACILxxG-3
FFC with single side shield terminated by GND plates for controlled Impedance of 100Ohm
FFC mating IRISO IMSA-11600S-XXY900 und IMSA-11501S-xxY900
Suitable for Robot assembly
04 to 80 wires
Wiredimension Standard (0,35x0,3)mm (I=0,4A)
Wiredimension Option1 (0,05x0,3)mm (I=0,5A)
Wiredimension Option2 (0,08xo,3)mm
Customer-specific length
Customer-specific stiffener length
Option: FFC folded
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