125°C FFC RM 1.0 mm IRISO i-Lock 1000h/125°C

Partnumber: 900-200-90
1000h/125°C FFC-Cable - Flexible Flat Cable - Jumper - with i-Lock Puching for IRISO
rated temperature 1000h/125°C
1,0mm Pitch, Au-plated contacts, 0-40 wires
For IRISO IMSA-9663S, IRISO IMSA-9664S, IRISO IMSA-9665S - please contact us to clarify partnumber!
Contacts on same side or opposite side
Custom length 30mm bis >10000m
Custom length of supporter
Option: print with black line on stiffener or ink jet print e.g. Display
Option: with folding
Option: cleanliness according to VDA
Production following ISO9001 or IATF16949 - Auditlevel VDA6.3